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Commodity packaging materials, types and features overview - adhesive tape

Packing materials refer to the general term used in the manufacture of packaging containers and packaging, transportation, packaging, decoration, packaging, printing, packaging, auxiliary materials, and packaging materials. Mainly including packaging materials packaging materials and auxiliary packaging materials are commonly used in paper, metal, wood, plastics, textiles, ceramics, glass, grass, bamboo, rattan, wicker, especially in plastic and metal materials is the most complex.
I. properties of packaging materials
From the modern packaging function, packaging materials should have the following aspects of performance:
(1) protection performance;
Packaging materials should have certain mechanical strength, can adapt to the change of temperature, moisture, waterproof, anti-corrosion, anti UV penetration, heat resistance and cold resistance, light resistance, oil, and should be no odor, non-toxic, odorless, can protect the contents intact.
(2) operation performance
Packaging materials should possess certain rigidity, heat resistance and anti-static, have certain smoothness and plasticity, weldability, easy to open, easy processing, easy filling, easy integration, suitable for automatic packaging machinery operation, high production efficiency.
(3) additional value performance
Packing increases the added value of the goods, and good packing makes the value and the value of the goods greatly improved. In particular, as sales of packaging materials, requiring transparency, surface gloss, so that the shape and color of the beautiful, produce display effect, in order to improve the value of goods and consumer desire to buy.
(4) easy to use performance;
No matter what material is used to pack the goods, the basic requirement is that it is easy to open and extract the inner package, easy to be closed, open, good performance, easy to break and damage.
(5) cost reduction performance
It is not advisable to reduce the cost of packaging and increase the cost and fail to achieve the desired result. The choice of packaging materials and methods in the practical application, in addition to considering the above-mentioned requirements, consideration should also be given to save the cost of packaging materials and packaging machinery and equipment costs, labor costs, to use the most appropriate materials, take the most reasonable packing method, achieved the best result.
(6) compatibility with the nature of commodities;
Commodity packaging must be compatible with the nature of the goods. Some of the dry goods such as silk, meet directly shops and customers, and others into the factory processing or made clothes, the packaging should be different, the former should be done well, in order to highlight the characteristics of the latter requires the quality of silk goods, smooth wrinkle, convenient unsealing, to facilitate the processing. And as the foam liner polyurethane is a new technology, scientific and technological achievements, it can be used to improve the commodity price, protection of product safety, but the use of this package individually molding, high cost, and spend time, so now only for luxury packaging and antique porcelain carving and other precious crafts, and general crafts, such as wood carving, ornaments and other uses of polyethylene plastic film packaging and the bubble is enough.
Two. Characteristics and application of main packing materials
(1) paper and paperboard
Paper and paperboard are pillar traditional packaging materials, which consume large amounts and wide applications. Their output value accounts for about 45% of the total output value of packaging. Paper and paperboard have the following characteristics:
1., suitable for strength, impact resistance and friction resistance.
2., good sealing, easy to clean and sanitary.
3., with good formability and folding, easy to adopt various processing methods, should be mechanized, automated packaging production.
4. has the best printability, easy to introduce and beautify the goods.
5. lower price, and light weight, can reduce packaging costs and transportation costs, 6. easy to handle after use, recycling, reuse and regeneration, will not pollute the environment, and save resources.
Paper and paperboard also have a number of fatal weaknesses, such as difficult to seal, damp fastness, and air tightness, moisture resistance, transparency and so on, so that they are limited in packaging applications.
Paper and paperboard packaging containers are mainly cartons, paper bags, cardboard, paper cans, paper cups, paper plates, widely used in transport packaging packaging sales. In paper packaging containers, the most used is corrugated boxes, the proportion of which accounts for more than 50%. In the transport packaging, corrugated boxes are replacing traditional wooden cases, widely used in packaging, daily necessities, household appliances, clothing, shoes and hats, fruits, vegetables and so on. At present, corrugated boxes are being developed to specifications, standardization, functional specialization, weight reduction and compressive strength improvement. In addition to corrugated boxes, other paper containers are used for packaging, such as food, medicine, clothing, toys and other articles for daily use. The paper box can be made into a window opening type, a rocking cover type, a drawer type, a sleeve type, etc., and the surface can be decorated, and the utility model has better display and sale effect. The drum is strong and durable, can contain massive, granular, powdered goods. Paper bags are of various kinds and widely used. Paper cups, paper trays and paper cans are all disposable food packages. They are widely used because of their low price, light weight, convenience and sanitation. Paper cups are usually small containers for cold drinks. The tray is packaged as frozen food. It can be frozen and baked in a microwave oven. The paper can be made of high-density cardboard, cylindrical, conical, and usually coated to prevent leakage. It can be used to hold drinks. At present, pure paper cans have been replaced by composite tanks made of paper, plastic and aluminium foil. Molded pulp packaging is a cushion material made from pulp directly molded, pressed, and dried, such as molded egg plates for egg packing, which greatly reduces the rate of breakage in transit.


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